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The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
~ Aristotle


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Plasticity is about treating the whole person... mentality... physicality... and emotionality. This is why we offer all patients looking to undergo any treatment or therapy at Plasticity the option become Lifestyle Membership member. This membership ensures a truly customized treatment experience at Plasticity by incorporating the diagnostic and treatment options available only at Lifestyle Medicine.  

This membership ensures an even more tailored experience which can turn good results... into great ones. This one time membership fee allows Dr. Rusilko the ability to treat each patient as the unique individual that they are at a reduced cost.  

Becoming a member is not a requirement but strongly suggested if you want to take full advantage of the services and treatments offered at Plasticity. And for everyone who is already a program based patient at Lifestyle Medicine... you are already a member so thank you. 


“Life's too short to be normal... Be Extraordinary.”