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Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
~ Einstein 



Emotional health is a pivotal component of ones total self that is often overlooked in todays society with the emphasis instead being placed more on one’s physicality and mentality. Emotional issues tend to be shelved, discredited or buried under a mountain of prescribed medications that do little to fix the problem.

The acute subjective effects of ketamine can range from mild perceptual disturbances in cognition to body sensations and even full dissociation of mind and body. Some level of dissociation may be correlated with treatment responses according to research so patients should expect to experience this. 

Patients may also experience a departure from usual mentation and their physical state. An open mind and willingness to trust in the proprietary treatment created by Dr. Ivan Rusilko is needed to fully take advantage of its potential to heal. The treatment environment and medical team is on call to ensure your experience is safe, enjoyable and effective. 


Become Indestructible in the Game of Life


There are a variety of treatment options at Plasticity which will be discussed in your initial consultation. Many of these protocols are unique to Plasticity due to our commitment to customizing your health care every step of the way. 

Ketamine can be dosed in an office setting using IV, IM, NS or trochees. At home treatments for those who qualify can come in the SL/Trochee form. Additions to treatments can range from private hyperbaric sessions to peptide and NAD upgrades.

Patients start out their infusion in a sound proof pod designed to ensure privacy and comfortbality. To add to the experience each patient will receive their treatment in a cutting edge massage chair that has been program to delivery specific therapies before and after each treatment. During the treatment patients will be placed in the position of their maximum comfort that ranges from reclined to zero gravity. 


Please read more about the experience in the link below.  



40 Year Old Executive

How's it going... hum.... FUCKING FANTASTIC!! I feel as the trauma from my life that was stuck in my physical body has left.... I woke up this morning and felt a "new normal". Ready to get back to the full flow of life!!!

54 Year Old Housewife

I am not sure who I am becoming but I am loving the shifts and changes!!!

33 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Oh this is the first time in 10 years I've gone without Adderol for over a week. Since the ketamine treatment, I have simply not taken adderol simply due to not needing it.

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