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Patient 3: Burn

Burn patients are some of the hardest patients to treat as their physicality, mentality and emotionality are all affected by their injury. Lisette, a 54 year old, was accidentally burned while using a laser to correct sunspots on her skin. It was a relatively risk free procedure that turned drastically wrong. 

Her story is about the mental anguish she suffered as she watched her skin peel off layer by layer and how she planned on treating it. Traditional medicine quoted her 6 months of open wounds with another six months of bandage wearing and sun avoidance. Thankfully she was internally optimized prior to her burn so the treatment she was prescribed almost worked too well. 

Exosomes alonside HBOT were the key ingredients in bring her skin back to near perfect in just 4 days... yes 4 days... not one year! A self diagnosed miracle in her eyes... and even ours. 

"When you reach for the stars you're not likely to come up with a hand full of mud."


Dr. Ivan Rusilko

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