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High Dose Ozone/UBI Therapy

Why fit in when you were born to stand out 
~ Dr. Seuss 

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy, just through simply improving oxygenations status of your system, can be applied to pretty much every disease, disorder and dysfunction. The treatment itself can be refereed to as a form of autohemotherapy which is the process of removing a person’s blood, enhancing it, and re-introducing it back into the same person’s body. 

In the U.S. it is considered an alternative treatment and is well understood, utilized, and backed with many studies. It can be used preventatively or for a current dysfunction. It is known to boost vitality, metabolism, balance hormones, increase oxidation, improve detoxification and amplify energy. Many people with existing health conditions or chronic diseases use autohemotherapy to stimulate their immune system and boost healing especially post injury or surgery. 


Similar to the way we think of vaccines introducing a small amount of virus, so the body becomes familiar and then immune, Autohemotherapy engages the immune system in the same way. 

UBI Therapy

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) is a process where a patients blood is exposed ultraviolet A or C rays to stimulate the immune system into action. A large amount of blood is passed through a specific tube that exposes it to UVA and UVC rays. These rays ignite the immune system to work towards destroy potential pathogens. 

UBI is safer than aspirin. There has never been a death or major complication that has been recorded as a result of using UBI with the most common side effect known being a flushing of the skin which is due to increased blood flow. Occasionally patients will experience light flu-like symptoms when excessive pathogen die-off occurs and creates a mildly toxic situation which in the long run is a good thing.

At Lifestyle Medicine, UBI is always combined with Ozone Therapy due to the intense synergy between the two. Unique to our practice Dr. Rusilko has formulated several combination therapies to further this synergy using intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications which are customized to each patient at the time of treatment. There is no other non drug treatment that can be applied to so many conditions with the ease and safety of O3/UBI Therapy.

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