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Cellular Therapy

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but instead building the new.
~ Socrates 

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Cellular health is the most basic kind health but also the most important. How well our cells are able to function dictates how well we function.


Cellular therapy at Plasticity focuses on the introduction cellular products called Exosomes into an augmented system ready to receive them. Exosomes are how cells communicate and when used properly can result in numerous benefits found throughout your entire biology. These cellular products contain instructions from Mesenchymal Stem Cells that stimulate the healing,  repair and regeneration of connective tissue throughout the body. 


Dr. Rusilko has developed a unique protocol that combines the therapeutic effects of exosomes with numerous other nutrient and medicinal/peptide treatments that when used together help patients evolve their health to the next level.


Plasticity uses the highest quality products from proven institutions that are vigorously regulated by the state of Florida who produces the highest-purity MSC exosomes on the market. They are an FDA-registered and inspected, §1271 HCT/P tissue processing and exosome biotechnology laboratory located in Miramar, Florida, whose current products include XoGloPro® which contains 15 billion exosomes / vial. This lab operates out of two adjacent state-of-the-art facilities featuring ISO 5 hoods and class 7 clean rooms.


Become Indestructible in the Game of Life

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