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Patient 0: Parkinsons

Some people get inspired while others are meant to inspire... all I can say is that Lee Hill Inspired me. Lee is 83 years old and has been suffering with Parkinson's for the last 8 years.

He walked through my door randomly seven months ago looking for something outside the box that could help him deal with the symptoms he was living withSymptoms that had been dampening his quality of life for what seemed like an eternity. 

Traditional medicine had shelved him with the typical cocktail of emotionally draining drugs that did little to treat the disease but instead mask it. But the one thing that hadn't changed was his determination to never give up or stop fighting. He refused to accept that this is all life had left for him. 

He took a chance on me and my unique approach to how I thought Parkinson's, or any neuralgic disorder, should d be handled. We both reached for the stars... and found one.


Never let anyone tell you something is impossible... 

"When you reach for the stars you're not likely to come up with a hand full of mud."


Dr. Ivan Rusilko

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